4-204.01Solid Waste, Compost Materials: Use of Designated Receptacles Required.  The City has provided, for the use of all residents of the Municipality, solid waste receptacles which are tan in color and compost material receptacles which are green in color.  It shall be unlawful to place compost materials, primarily consisting of grass, leaves and small branches less than two inches in diameter, in receptacles designated for solid waste.  It shall also be unlawful to place solid waste, which shall mean material which does not meet the definition of compost materials, in receptacles designated for compost materials.

5-204 Truck Route:  It shall be unlawful to operate on 8th St between Ave F and Highway 30 in the City of Cozad, Nebraska, any Semi Tractor Truck with Trailer attached or unattached, Trucks with bed or boxes that exceed Nine (9) feet in length or more including Agricultural and Industrial Equipment exceeding 10,000 lbs. in gross weight.

​It shall not be unlawful for the following vehicles to operate upon any street or alley in the City of Cozad, Nebraska: emergency vehicles, vehicles being used for the purpose of delivering or collecting goods, wares, merchandise, vehicles being directly used for building, repair, service, moving operations, vehicles being used to obtain materials or making repairs while dealing with regularly established businesses or equipment related thereto. ​

5-617Parking: Snow removal and maintenance.  It shall be unlawful to park or stand any vehicle on any street in the business district between the hours of 1:30 AM and 4:00 AM.  The Police may order any street or alley, or portion thereof, vacated for weather emergencies or street maintenance.

5-626 Establishment or snow emergency routes The following streets are declared to be emergency  snow routes within the city:
Hwy 30
8th St
Hwy 21 - South city limit to 8th St
D St - 16th St to 22nd St
F St - Hwy 30 to 7th St
Meridian - Hwy 30 to 24th St
2nd St - O St to Meridian
O St - 2nd St to north city limit
K St - 8th St to 16th St
E St - 8th St to 16th St
Newell - 8th St to North city limit
A St - Hwy 30 to 8th St
13th St - E St to Newell
14th St - K St to O St and E St to Newell
12th St - O St to Newell
19th St - O St to B St
16th St - O St to Newell
Papio Lane - 16th St to 19th St
18th St - Meridian to Little Siuox
9th St - Meridian to L St

5-627 Declaration of emergency: Prohibition of parking on emergency snow routes. Whenever the Mayor and or Street Commissioner shall determine, on the basis of the falling snow, sleet, or freezing rain, or on the basis of an official forecast by the US Weather Bureau, of snow, sleet, or freezing rain, that eminent weather conditions will make it necessary that parking on snow routes as designated by section 5-626 be prohibited or restricted for snow plowing and other purposes.  In such declaration of emergency conditions, the Mayor and or street commissioner shall state the time that the emergency shall become effective.  From the time so designated, all parking of vehicles on snow emergency routes, shall be, and the same hereby prohibited.  While the prohibition is in effect, no person shall park, or allow to remain parked any vehicle on any portion of a snow emergency route.

5-628 Prohibition of parking on downtown commercial areas during snow emergency.  Upon declaration of a snow emergency, such declaration may include or may later be expanded to include a p prohibition of parking on downtown commercial areas.  The decaration shall include a statement of the hours during which parking shall be prohibited for the purpose of snow removal from said downtown commercial area.  Such prohibition shall not extend beyond the time reasonably required for such snow removal.  There shall be no parking in the designated areas from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM.  The areas included are:

8th St - F St to H St

Meridian - Hwy 30 to 9th St

7th St - F St to Hwy 30

9th St - E St to Meridian

F St - 7th St to 9th St

H St - Hwy 30 to 9th St

6-103 Animals: Vaccination required: Every domestic animal in the City shall be vaccinated against rabies with a licensed vaccine and revaccinated at intervals specified by rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the department.  Young domestic animals shall be initially vaccinated at the age specified in the rules and regulations.  Unvaccinated domesticated animals acquired or moved into the city shall be vaccinated within thirty days after purchase or arrival unless under age for initial vaccination.

6-105 Animals: License and tag.  It shall be the duty of every person owning, keeping, or harboring a dog, cat, or exotic pet to license the same with the City Clerk, and to secure and retain the license receipt and the metallic tag furnished by the City Clerk.

6-107 Animals: Running at large.  Any licensed or unlicensed animal found running at large within the municipality shall be seized by any Police Officer or officer designated by the Mayor and Council and said animal shall be held in the animal shelter until claimed by the owner or destroyed.  It shall be unlawful for the owner, keeper or harborer of any animal regardless of age or sex to permit such animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the municipality.

6-115 Animals: Barking and offensive.  It shall be unlawful and shall constitute a nuisance for any person to own, keep, or harbor any animal which by loud, continued, or frequent barking, howling, or yelping shall annoy or disturb any person or neighborhood, or which habitually barks at or chases persons or vehicles while they are on any public sidewalks, streets, or alleys in the municipality.

6-119 Animals: Cruelty.  No person shall cruelly or unnecessarily beat, overwork, or insufficiently shelter, feed or water any animal within the municipality.

6-247 Misdemeanors: Weeds, Litter, Stagnant Water. 

  • Lots or pieces of ground within the city shall be drained or filled so as to prevent stagnant water or any other nuisance accumulating thereon.
  • The owner or occupant of any lot or piece of ground within the city shall keep the lot or piece of ground and the adjoin streets and alleys free of any growth of twelve inches or more in height of weeds, grasses, or worthless vegetation.
  • The throwing, depositing, or accumulation of litter on any lot or piece of ground within the city is prohibited, except that grass, leaves, and worthless vegetation may be used as ground mulch or in compost pile.
  • It is hereby declared to be a nuisance to permit or maintain any growth of twelve inches or more in height of weeds, grasses, or worthless vegetation or to litter or cause to be deposited or remain thereon except in proper receptacles.
  • Any owner or occupant of a lot or piece of ground shall, upon conviction of violating this section, be guilty of an offense.
  • Notice to abate and remove such nuisance shall be given to each owner or owners duly authorized agent and to the occupant, if any, by personal service or certified mail.  If notice by personal service or certified mail is unsuccessful, notice shall be given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the city or by conspicuously posting the notice on the lot or ground upon which the nuisance is to be abated and removed.  Within 5 days after receipt of such notice or publication or posting, whichever is applicable, if the owner or occupant of the lot or piece of ground does not request a hearing with the city or fails to comply with the order to abate and remove the nuisance, the city may have such work done.  The costs and expenses of any such work shall be paid by the owner.

6-249 Misdemeanors: Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles.  No person in charge or control of any property within the municipality other than municipal property whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee, or otherwise, shall allow any partially dismantled, inoperable, wrecked, junked, or discarded vehicle to remain on such property longer than ten days.  When used in this section, vehicle shall include any motor vehicle, trailer, camper, boat, boat trailer, personal water craft or other apparatus usually towed by a motor vehicle and items which require licensing to be utilized on any roadway or waterway.  No unlicensed or inoperable vehicle shall be permitted to remain on any private or public property for any length of time; provided, this section shall not apply to a vehicle in an enclosed building; to a business enterprise, operated in a lawful place and manner, when such vehicle is necessary to the lawful operation of the business; or to a vehicle in an appropriate storage place or depository maintained in a lawful place and manner by the municipality.  Any vehicle allowed to remain on property in violation of this section shall constitute a nuisance and shall be abated, and any person violating this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.  Additionally, the municipality may enter upon the property and cause said vehicle to be towed, with the owner of the property being responsible for the costs thereof.

6-252 Misdemeanors; Curfew.  It shall be unlawful for any minor person to be upon the public streets or other public places, vacant lots or other unsupervised places, within the city of Cozad, Nebraska between the hours of:

  • 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM of the following day, of all days of the week, for any person under the age of 16 years.
  • 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM of the following day, of all days of the week, for persons of 16 and 17 years.

Any person who would otherwise be in violation of the above provisions of this section, shall not be in violation if any of the following exceptions apply:

  • When the minor is accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other adult person having the care or custody of such a minor person.
  • When the minor is accompanied by an adult authorized by a parent, guardian, or other adult having care or custody of such minor person, to take said person's place in accompanying said minor for a designated period of time and purpose within a specified area.
  • When the minor person is upon an emergency errand or legitimate business as directed by his or her parent guardian or other adult person having the care or custody or such minor person.
  • When the presence of such minor is as the result of some legitimate employment, trade, profession or occupation in which the minor person is engaged.
  • When the minor is on the sidewalk or property where the minor resides.
  • When the minor is returning from a school activity or an activity or a religious or other voluntary association, or a place of public entertainment, such as a movie, play, or sporting event, or such activity of the kind normally attended by minors seventeen years and under; provided that when such activity terminates after or less than one hour prior to the respective curfews, the curfew shall commence one hour after the termination of such activity.

8-202 Sidewalks; Kept clean.  It shall be unlawful for the occupant of any lot or lots or the owner of any vacant lot or lots within the city to allow snow, sleet, mud, ice, or other substance to accumulate on the sidewalks or to permit snow, ice, sleet, mud, or other substance to remain upon said sidewalk.  All sidewalks within the business district shall be cleaned within 5 hours after the cessation of the storm, unless the storm or fall of snow shall have taken place during the night, in which case the sidewalk shall be cleaned before 9:00 AM the following day;  Provided sidewalks within the residential areas of the municipality shall be cleaned within 24 hours after the cessation of the storm.

9-201 Building Permits.  Any person desiring to commence or proceed to erect, construct, repair, enlarge, demolish, or relocate any building or dwelling, or cause the same to be done, shall file with the building inspector and application for a building permit.  The application shall be in writing on a form to be furnished by the building inspector for that purpose.  Every such application shall set forth the legal description of the land upon which the construction or relocation is to take place, the nature of the use or occupancy, the principle dimensions, the estimated cost, the names of the own, architect, and contractor, and such other information as may be requested thereon.  The application, plans, and specifications so filed with the building inspector shall be checked and examined by the governing body and if they are found to be in conformity with the requirements of this chapter and all other ordinances applicable thereto, the building inspector shall issue the said applicant a permit. 

​10-703 Fireworks; Permitted Use.​  Permitted fireworks, as defined in 10-702 herin, may only be ignited or caused to be exploded during the period beginning on June 25th and ending on July 4th, of each year, exept that permitted fireworks may be ignited or caused to be exploded for the celebration of the new year, beginning on December 29th and ending on January 1st at 2:00 AM.  During the dates during which use of fireworks is permitted, fireworks may only be ignited or caused to be exploded between the times of 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM each day, with the exception of July 4th of each year, on which date fireworks may be ignited or caused to be exploded until midnight. For the new year celebration only, fireworks may also be ignited or caused to be exploded from 11:00 PM on December 31st until 2:00 AM on January 1st.